Web of Science and Google Scholar

Web of Science and Google Scholar are both general scientific databases covering a large portion of the scientific literature. Both have citation indices, allowing the user to see which papers are highly cited and track citations both forwards and backwards.

Web of Science contains citation indices for high quality journals, with a high level of quality control. Google Scholar offers similar functionality, but is less structured and its contents are harvested automatically.

In this workshop we will guide you through the functionalities of both databases and show you the differences and possibilities.


The workshop will focus on database features and hands-on searching of biomedical sciences, chemistry, and materials science. SciFinder is an interface where the user can search for references, patents, chemical reactions, chemical substances by name or CAS Registry Number, OR use the editor to draw chemical structures, substructures, or reactions.

EndNote for Beginners

EndNote is a program that helps you to manage references, and cite and create bibliographies. It is a very helpful tool when writing your master thesis and other academic texts. In this course you learn how to

  • Collect and organize references
  • Add the full text to your library
  • Import references to MSWord
  • Get your in-text citations right and generate a consistent reference list
  • Stick to or change citation styles

You can use your own computer if you like but please install EndNote on your computer before the course. Here you find instruction how to do this (in norwegian). EndNote is avaliable for all student and employees at UiB.

EndNote for Experienced Users

This workshop addresses users who already know how to build an EndNote library and use it when writing a manuscript. The workshop will mainly focus on using EndNote as a database tool managing your references.

Enhancing data

  • Adding full text articles and other file attachments
  • Importing references from PDF-libraries
  • Reference updates
  • Add keywords and research notes in the EN library

Finding the paper you need

  • Change display options
  • Searching and managing your own library
  • Organize your EN library by groups, smart groups and group sets


  • Changing and editing styles
  • Creating independent and subject bibliographies


  • Text collaboration using EndNote
  • Transferring and backing up libraries
  • Issues and questions presented by workshop participants

The workshop will be held using the campus PC´s, equipped with EndNoteX8 and Word2016. If you wish to bring your own laptop or Mac, please note that within the timeframe of the workshop the instructor might have limited time and / or knowledge to assist you. Additional assistance will be offered if needed after the workshop.